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Pastoral Coaching

There are many problems that people face including depression, fear, anxiety,  confusion in life or business, hearing voices, unforgiveness, a root of bitterness, or breaking the hold of sin over their lives, to name a few. 


As the Word of God is applied and by direction of the Holy Spirit, people start to walk in hope and freedom.  Jesus brings healing, walls come down and confusion will stop.


The Goal is always Freedom for Believers.  Jesus came to set the captives free.  We are following in His steps using His Words to teach people a way different from the world.


Pastoral Coaching is a term sometimes used in place of counseling in the Church. Pastoral Coaching or counseling is not psychotherapy with a prayer or two added. We clearly define the issues in a person’s life that brings them to a place of desiring help.  Answers based on Scripture and applying the truth of scripture help people work through and ultimately avoid undesired actions in their life.  Jesus said that we are enslaved to sin so the opposite of slavery is freedom from those things.


Issues are addressed through personal interviews with a coach and, as needed, with suggested resources.  We meet in person or by phone, Skype or FaceTime.


This is not a set of gates to run or hurdles we jump.  We have some steps that are necessary to get the win but finding the right steps in the right order are guided by the Holy Spirit Who knows each of us intimately.  You will have your custom-made Freedom in the way it is designed by God your Father for you.


Relationship Coaching

Many couples in the Church struggle with the same issues that are in worldly relationships.  I know from studying the Word of God that there are better ways of conducting life in a home.  If your normal relationship is in crisis management mode monthly or worse weekly, you need help.  We can support you and teach you to move into a New Normal that is peaceful. 


What is your greatest desire for a New Normal in your life?  Are you ready to move forward?  God has the solution to any problem.  


Sometimes a marriage can be significantly affected when one person is willing to start making a change.  There is hope for your future.

Would personal coaching help you right now? 
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