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Spiritual Warriors!


One of my life verses is Psm71:17-19: “O God, from my youth You have taught me, and I still proclaim Your wonderous deeds. So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim Your might to another generation, Your power to all those to come. Your righteousness, O GOD reaches the high heavens. You have done great things, O GOD, who is like you? (ESV).” 


This is what Jesus said to me: 

Jesus instructed me to lead the training for a group of Spiritual Warriors for this time. 

These are people that want to know their God and trust Him with Faith to enter the battle without fear. 

We will be knowledgeable of God’s Word, to meet life and what it holds now and in the future. We will know in our heart of hearts God’s promises truly are Yes! and Amen!


Even if you are struggling in your spiritual walk or in your life, if sin has captured you, or you are changing inside but not seeing change outside, if anxiety or depression invades your life, or you experience any other unwanted human condition, this could be for you. Do not disqualify yourself – Jesus does not disqualify you.


This is not designed to change your ministry or vocation, take you from your family or commitments, or be all consuming. We will learn many pieces of information that will strengthen you and help you to stand in these days for Jesus by knowing the promises and plan of God for you and become a mature Believer, the New Creation Jesus called us to be. 



You will know your God 

Know the Attributes and some of the names of God 

Learn about your prayer language and prayer

Learn to translate heart knowledge into incremental life change

Adopt your spiritual name

Be able to choose faith in God over fear in the world

Look for the Spiritual Perspective of life and events

Understand the purpose of and write a Value Statement

Be part of a learning and growing community of Spiritual Warriors

Develop your testimony and fearlessly give it

Learn about God’s anointing and His Plan for your life

Have a resource for hard questions of life and theology. 


For Believers college age to adult and Babes in Christ to mature Believer.


Teaching method:

  • The principal teaching is from the several books, sermons, and videos that we will study outside of our Conferences. To have the greatest impact on changing our relationship with God and meeting other objectives we will commit to completing all the teaching and attending or watching the videos of the conferences and answering questions in weekly emails. The principal teaching is outside the Conferences, so attendance is not required each time. 

  • Your change will come as you consider or expand your thinking, perhaps your theology, adjust your relationship with your ABBA-Father, and make application to your life and words. 

  • Journaling your history as it unfolds will be important. 


Purpose of Conferences and Emails:

  • The conferences are to build community and chat about other questions that come up. They are usually not to discuss the current materials in depth. We will also talk about the takeaways and application to our lives from the outside study. Supplemental information could be added in Conferences.

  • Emails are informational, and usually pose questions about life, relationships, and other short assignments. Answering email questions share ideas, build community, and encourage one another. 


  • Estimated investment in time is 2-3 hours in study per week 

  • 90-minute conference twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Sunday (to start) @7PM PT. Videos will be available after a conference for those that could not attend

  • Time frame - 10 months

  • $250 (or Payment Plan) + designated materials including a new Study Bible. 


There is limited space in this Cohort. Other Cohorts are planned.

For more information or to register, please use this email link

Please include your first and last name, phone number, email address, marriage status, church attending (in person or online). 

Please refer others also by mailing or texting this link.


We follow and learn of God to increase in relationship with Him. 

Will you ask Him if this is the right investment at this time is for you? 


There is information on this website about me, and some testimonies.


If you know of others that might have interest, please forward the information to them.


Contact me through email:


I do not know your name yet, but ABBA-Father does. I am praying for you. Will you please be in prayer for this assignment as well.


I pray God's rich Blessings on you.



Who Are We
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