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Spiritual Warriors! This is what the Spirit of God said to me. 

One of my life verses is Psm71:17-19: “O God, from my youth You have taught me, and I still proclaim Your wonderous deeds. So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim Your might to another generation, Your power to all those to come. Your righteousness, O GOD reaches the high heavens. You have done great things, O GOD, who is like you? (ESV).” 


Jesus wants to train a group of spiritual warriors for this time. These are people that want to learn to enter the battle without fear, to be knowledgeable of spiritual law and covenant, to meet life and what it holds now and in the future with faith that God’s promises truly are Yes! and Amen!


Even if you are struggling in your spiritual walk or in your life, if sin has captured you, or you are changing inside but not seeing change outside, if anxiety or depression invades your life, or experience any other unwanted human condition, this could be for you. Do not disqualify yourself – Jesus does not disqualify you.


This is not designed to change your ministry or vocation, take you from your family or commitments, or be all consuming. We will learn many pieces of information that will strengthen you and help you to stand in these days for Jesus without fear by knowing the promises and plan of God for you and become a mature Believer, the New Creation Jesus called us to be. 


Nine months to a year is what the Spirit of God said to me. We will use the same Bible, read some books, listen to some great preaching, journal, chat, and discuss some of the information. 


I hope that we can all meet a few or many times, come together often on zoom, maybe bring our families together, and be close. I am in the Los Angeles area but that does not exclude anyone that speaks English. I envision that we will be college age and above, single or married. We could be business professionals or in voluntary or vocational ministry or missions.


We will pray for one another and build each other up in the Lord. We will overcome obstacles to growing in faith and may bar-b-que a few sacred cows. 


The strategy is to organize as an army and use some that type of terminology. Women will be in their own group (squad). The first and each successive cohort or platoon will be only about 25 people. Additional platoons will start in mid to late 2022 and more in 23. This platoon will start in January 2022. This announcement is early to allow people to complete their commitments and have family holidays in 2021 and pray over this commitment to start in early 2022.


There is not a charge for the training, but you will need to purchase your own Bible, books and possibly some other supplies. I will suggest that you make financial gifts to the people that teach us (and show you why).


There could be specialty studies suggested for individuals that request them and pastoral counseling/coaching is available if desired. 


There will be a level 2 program after this for a Spiritual Weapons Platoon.


If this strikes your interest, for this platoon or future platoons, email me. If you have questions or concerns, email me, perhaps others have the same questions. I will provide a list of some of the topics in the next few weeks.


There is information on this website about me, some of the ministries, and the two books I have published.


If you know of others that might have interest, please forward the information to them.


Contact me through email:


I do not know your name yet, but I am praying for you. Will you please be in prayer for this assignment as well.

I pray God's rich Blessings on you.