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Church Leaders Page

Church Leaders Page

During my time on staff with two churches, I met with numerous staff members.  I had opportunity to chat with them individually about offence and hurt and sometimes anger or fear.  There were discussions regarding the spiritual authority of the leadership of the church and authority of all Believers to defeat the dark angels of satan.


If there are questions, offence, pain, depression, fear/anxiety or other things you are dealing with as a church leader, please contact me.  If there is sin in your life that you cannot defeat, let’s talk.  Do not be isolated.  Reach out now.


Because we are not part of your church or your circle of friends, we can help bring Freedom without judgement and with confidentiality.


Missionaries, we can help you with information that will help you stay in your calling and bring Freedom to your life.


When the oppression is bad, and you feel that you cannot endure maybe there is a different perspective that would help bring you Freedom and Hope.  I do not claim to know the Bible better, but I am called by Jesus, to help you.

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