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Most of our problems in life have a spiritual basis.

I have not interviewed everyone so I continue to leave this statement open ended rather than dogmatic. To this point, and I find support for this from the Bible, I have not encountered a single person with problems in their life that was not under the influence of an enemy encounter, broken Spiritual Law, or they have failed to take God at His word to change their life.

The problems of life are first of all spiritual because, according to God and His Word, we are first a spirit being, we have a soul (emotional person, mind, will, emotions), and we live in a body. If there is a problem, such as Anger and we are a spirit being, then it must be addressed in a spiritual method. We may eventually learn to manage anger with our mind or will and lots of training but to escape from the influence of anger, we need to discover the spiritual cause.

How’s that psychotherapy working for you so far?

Ready for a solution?

This is a blog and info site about God, His Word, and His desire to have a relationship with us. Secondarily, it is about the enemy of God and therefore us, all humanity, and the ways that he uses his influence and controls to specifically cause anger, depression, and other problems in our lives. The enemy influences people to use (e.g.) anger or tells us that we cannot escape the anger within. We cannot change and it will always be the same, unless it is worse. The enemy is a crafty and seductive scoundrel.

I learned through study of the Bible that it is more than just a rule book; it is a Law book, not only of the Laws given to the Jews, but also there are spiritual Laws and suggestions that are relevant to our daily life as Believers in the 21st Century. If we break the Laws, whether aware of them or not, we can open ourselves up to a myriad of other problems. One of these problems can be opening the door to the enemy. He does not have complete access to us once we are Believers in Jesus as our Savior. From that point on, God makes satan obey the rules and one rule is that there must be an open door to him for satan to gain access. If we listen to and obey his whispering we are starting to open the door to him.

The fact that there is an enemy of God and mankind is well documented in the Bible. Sometimes called the devil or satan, he is always our enemy and always is seeking some way to hurt us. God limits the devil’s access to Believers but sometimes we open the door to him ourselves through our own actions of breaking the Laws or because someone near us exercising their will or breaking spiritual Law.

This ministry is about finding the Laws that are broken, healing emotional wounds, and closing the door to satan in the Believer’s life. It is about finding Freedom which only God can give and which I believe is critical to having the Abundant Life that Jesus gives to those that follow after Him.

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