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Solomon discovered this. There really is nothing new under the sun. Is anger a recent problem or a plague on mankind since the beginning of mankind? Anger is noted in the opening pages of Genesis when two sons of Adam contended for the favor of the Lord God and one did not receive. His solution was to kill his brother. You have no doubt heard of Cain and Abel.

Fast forward a few thousand years and we are still angry, killing, hating, maligning, raging, carrying our anger around like a badge or maybe a chip on our shoulder and daring someone to mess with us.

Someone said it was like they were watching another person in their body raging uncontrollably at their children. They were questioning who that person was. Actually it was demonic, according to the Bible, and it seemed demonic as I look back on those scenes from my life. That image is burned into the wall

of my mind.

Another person said that they were only angry about 1% of the time; doesn’t seem that bad. Ok, I’ll give you only 1% of your waking hours if that’s what you think, what happened during the 1% and what was the effect on the other 99%?

How’s that anger management thing working for ya?

What if you were cold sober all the time how much would the 1% increase? What if you could not escape to the office, golf course, ball game, etc. and were with your family and loved ones at home in constant contact; what percent then?

Notice how we attack the ones closest because they are safe?

If anger is a problem you struggle with or, maybe better said, those in relationship with you struggle with your anger, then why not purchase Escape From Anger Step by Step to help you and them escape the stronghold before there is more destruction? Go to the Resource page to get yours. (Click the link)


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