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Easter 2016

As today in Southern California, I can imagine that it was an equally glorious Sunday morning about 2000 years ago outside Jerusalem when several women went to the tomb of Jesus. It was a rushed time on Friday as they took His dead body from the cruel cross and as best they could, wrapped His body, and placed it in a tomb. Now they could prepare His body properly.

They and His followers had missed the critical message of the past several months. He was going to Jerusalem to be put to death at the hands of the Romans but delivered to them by the Jewish religious leaders. This part they heard and they were grieved. However, the part they missed was that He PROMISED He would come back to LIFE! He had always spoken the truth and He was doing it now. He would rise from the dead! If He said He would, then He will. It is that simple and yet profound.

The same Creator that placed the stars in space and populated the earth with nature will do what He says, because there is no lack of Power to make it happen. He did Rise from the dead. They could see angels at the tomb that morning to testify of the Truth.

Easter is a time of celebration because He did Rise as He promised which validates all the other promises He made and all the words He said. We celebrate because it is a time to draw others into the victory that we have experienced in His Rising. Jesus said that He would pay the price for my sins so I could have relationship with Him and with God the Father. We want to tell everyone that will listen about the change in our status from sinner to forgiven for our sins. From separated from our Maker and Creator to enjoying fellowship with Him.

I guess I really celebrate Easter almost daily because it is the starting point for the time to come when Jesus will take me and the other people that have this relationship with Him to live in Heaven. I do not know where Heaven is and I have not visited yet, but I know it will be better than the earth; the Bible assures us.

If you have never celebrated – really celebrated Easter and Jesus, this would be a great day to start. If you do not know Jesus personally, ask Him to be your new best friend and walk with you for the rest of your life. Sure things are going to change for you, but it will only be for the better.

Tell this to Jesus right now: Jesus, I do not know all that this means or the implications at this moment. I know that sin and guilt is eating me inside. Please take my sin and wipe it out as You promised, and then be with me every step of the rest of my life. I need you to help me walk it out. When this is over, take me to Heaven to live You from that point.

If you told this to Jesus, you have prayed your first prayer. Keep talking to Him every day.

Will you contact me and let me know that you have a new relationship with Jesus? Go to the contact page and shoot me a short email.

PS. Everyone is going to live after we pass through the vail of this life. Everyone is going to Heaven, or another place called hell. It is not a good atmosphere in hell and you will NOT party with your friends.

Choose Jesus and Heaven! Now.


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