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The Quality Decision

Quality Decision

This is not an idea from an advertising slogan for a product. There are times we will need to make a decision and stand by that decision. This is a critical part of the defenses that we will use later to defeat satan in several areas. It is a decision that is thought out and weighed then we act on it. Once it is made, we stand by it and do not fall back into old actions like before the decision.

She dumped me!

Let’s say we consider making a decision to forgive our high school date for dumping us two days before the prom to go with someone else. When we arrive at the decision that we thought through and make an informed decision [informed that Jesus expects that of us] and to be released from the hard feelings when we see them at the prom, we make a note of the decision and say, “On May 15, 2008 at 6PM I choose as an act of my will to forgive Angela* for dumping me.” Then when those deceiving spirits come around and try to talk to us about that person and our hurt pride and where will I get another date at this late hour, etc. and so forth; we can just say, “No, I remember all that stuff but I made a quality decision to forgive Angela at 6PM on May 15th and I am not going back there.” Although it will be crushing at the time, with these decisions we usually don’t need to remember the date past the first reunion. Only that we forgave and released them and moved forward with life. It is a decision to walk forward in obedience to the command of Jesus to forgive rather than live in our feelings and allow them to have control over how we will act and what we will think about. A Quality Decision is critical to our defenses against satan and the accusing voices. (*fictitious name)

The really big one

Now sometimes in the case of a really big decision, it is helpful to write down the date. A young man I coached had been abused physically and mentally by his alcoholic dad. It took three weeks of appointments and home study to work through that emotional turmoil and be ready to forgive his dad. When he arrived at that decision, I had him write down the time and date. It is like a mile marker on the road of life that tells you where something significant happened. He made a quality decision to forgive in a very hard circumstance. Over the next few weeks as we continued to meet, he said that the enemy came to him repeatedly trying to get him to get in fear, strife, anger, hate and a dozen other emotions just as he had done in the past over his dad and the way he was treated. Every time he would say, “Do you remember on ___(date and time) I made a conscious decision to forgive dad?” Within a few weeks, the enemy knew that this was no longer a stronghold he could attack from. The accuser of the brethren (satan) left him alone about his dad and went on to other things – just as he does with me and just as he will do with you. Make the Quality Decision and write it down; it will foil the enemy’s attempt to get you into offence and started towards strife in your mind. A quality decision is important to gaining freedom.

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