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The Quality Decision, pt2

I thought I forgave…

Sometimes the enemy wants us to think that we have not forgiven someone because he continues to pressure us with the same events by bringing them to mind. Numerous times people have said to me, “I tried to forgive, but the thought keeps coming back and I continually get angry each time I think of them so I forgive again and again. I guess I really don’t know how to forgive.” By using the Quality Decision, we have a point to work from; it is like the proverbial line in the sand that we will not go beyond; it is a stake in the ground from which we will not be moved. Here is what we can say:

I have made the Quality Decision and it stands and I will not be angry anymore – I have done as God commanded me (submitted this to God). Now I resist you satan and your talking to me about this issue. Now get out of my face about it!

Hit him with the Law book.

Remember that we do not walk by feelings. There may still be anger when you see that person or they come to mind, but when the Quality Decision is made, that becomes the new truth and reality and instead of allowing the voices to take off and start feeding the emotions, fall back on that QD. Eventually your feelings and emotions will line up with the new reality – “I refuse to go down this road because I have already forgiven!” The QD gives us a stake in the ground so we can say, “I will not go back there again” and know where “there” ends and recovery started.

That stake in the ground is the date that you forgive. When the accusing demons come to talk to you about the person or what happened, pull out your diary, and say “No, I refuse to go back, I forgave them on January 15, 2016 and I am submitted to God on this, so get out of my face, I resist you.” The reason you are hitting the demon with the Law of God is because of James 4:7. If you are submitted, you can command the demon to leave and he must obey because of the Law of God.

I’ll warn you, he may be back in 10 minutes to see if you continue to resist. The demons only want to use things that are effective against us so if you and I continue to resist, the demon will need to find another ploy to try to affect us.

When you make the Quality Decision to forgive, it will make a huge difference starting to set you free of the past. Remember that you forgive and will not talk about or meditate what happened, and they do not owe you anything.


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