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Hi Spiritual Warriors!

Dear Spiritual Warriors

Have you considered that? You are a Spiritual Warrior, a victorious overcomer!

This is not by virtue of the cohort you have joined, but because Jesus made you to be that and announced it to you. Take a look at these (yes, each of them):

Allow me a question. How many times does God need to say something before we believe?

I suggest that you start to call yourself Warrior and see you as an Overcomer. Think about that as you are getting ready in the morning for the day and whatever else is coming – I am Warrior! I am Overcomer!

One of the ways we are going to learn this year is to journal. For years I bought journals. I still have 8 or 10. Know what? They are in a stack in a closet and I never go back to them. For a couple of years now I have used an app. I happen to use Evernote. I believe there is still a free version. I like this because I can scroll back through months or years. I use color coding for important moments and things God has said to me. I can quickly find things that I need to review. I'm sure there are other apps for your computer or phone that are as effective. I use Evernote for many things besides journaling.

Evernote will allow you to make a Task right in the journal and it will transfer it to another list where I can see all the tasks at once and give them dates or other info and mark them complete.

Another action I like is place important verses and statements (I am Victorious!) at the top of the document so I see it every morning when I open my journal. I open my journal almost daily to review even when I have little to write.

The newest entry at the top works best I believe. As you are reviewing these scriptures (above) see what really speaks to you and journal about your impression. Remember the non-rhetorical question. How many times does God need to tell me something before I believe? Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. Rom10.17 Gal3.2, 3.5.

Believe me. I press on towards the mark as do you. We are all learners. One of many things Chris (my wife) and I talk of is the need for review.

I have great news! The Bibles have already arrived. The cost was $16 each. They did not charge for shipping. If I can get the Bible to you or you can pick it up, we can go with that price. I will need each of you to let me know what works for you. I live in Altadena about 2 miles off the 210.

If shipping is the best way for you to get yours, I will need your info and I can let you know the postage cost. To everyone, the payment can be in person, of course, Apple pay, zelle, Venmo, Stripe, or PayPal. Please remember to make it as a reimbursement to a friend or they will deduct a service fee. If you want to have the Bible shipped, you can wait until I have the total cost. If you are having trouble with an app for payment, let me know. Thanks.

My phone of record for most apps: 626.757.7197

Paypal - @itsaboutfreedom

Stripe – or you can make a payment right here on the website.

I love you and Pray for you. As you think of Spiritual Warriors, Pray for each of us. even though you do not know each name, God does!

Shalom and Agape


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