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Spiritual Warriors! Next update for 12/07/21

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

There are several questions asked about the Plan for this cohort. I would like to answer what I know from the Spirit of God at this time.


The first 4 meetings are on Saturdays, and I expect other meetings to be on Saturdays as well for the year.

The scheduled meetings are January 15th and 29th

February 12th and 26th.

I will start the meeting at 9am and plan to cover the material in 90 minutes or less each meeting. I will start the Zoom call at 8:30am for a tech check and chatting before each meeting. Please verify your link and the ability to connect with your computer ahead of time.

There is some level set and answer questions in the first meetings. My plan is to have more discussion in the future meetings based on the videos and books that are assigned.

The overall topic is to know our triune God, His Goodness, and His promises.

The first topic will be the objectives for the year. And some of the topics we will study.

The first general topic for January is Faith. It is not to say we don’t have enough faith, and this is how to change. We will read a book or two on faith and watch few videos to make our own assessment.

Here is something the Spirit of God showed me recently. We can all have secondary topics. We will all look at some of these, but there may be a desire to study something intently. Some of these intensive or secondary topics could include but are not limited to: intercessory prayer; personal worship; preparing for missions; mentoring; Christian leadership; Christian parenting; or ___ what else? Shoot me an email if one of these moves in your heart, or if there is another of interest. We will help you make connections and study more in your field as possible.

I mentioned the Bible we will all use. It is the Kenneth Copeland Word of Faith Study Bible in the Modern English Version. When I called the ministry, I found there is currently, and for a limited time, a discount for the Bible. I had all the Bibles for this cohort shipped to my address and we can determine the best way to send them out to each of you. Instead of the catalog price of $59.95, I was able to purchase them for $15.95. I will update the the information when I can get the shipping cost figured. I'm expecting the cost per Bible to come in around $20-25. Expected delivery is late December. I am so excited to be able to get these at a discount.

I chose this Bible because of more than 100 articles covering many of the principals of Faith and why they work together or are important. In addition, it is a study Bible with many cross references. We will not read all 66 books of the Bible, but we will cover most of the New Testament. I believe it will be a great year of study and will give you a hunger for God’s Word going forward.

Please write with any questions not covered so far. And there are a few remaining places in this cohort if you know of someone else that may have interest.

God Bless each of you and your home

Pastor Bill

PS: If at any time, the cost of materials becomes a problem, please let me know. Please do not quit studying. Also, if you need help or coaching, do not let the published cost prohibit your request. We are here to help.

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