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Spiritual Warriors - Special Topics

Hi Warrior Bill here again.

Re: Special Topics

As I said in another video, there are primary study topics for the year that will build our faith by knowing our triune God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I want to offer up special areas of interest or calling that you may choose to add to the Primary topics we will learn. Primary topics are about our God, our relationship with Him, and having a rock-solid foundation in the Word of God that builds our faith. The Special interest topic will not be as effective without the foundation of the Primary Relationship by Faith with God.

Psalms 139 reveals that God has a Plan for all your days and wrote them in a book before you were born that exists in Heaven. In 1 Corinthians 12 we see that the Holy Spirit of God gives to every Believer (a or several) spiritual gifts or anointings to minister in specific areas to build up the Church and the Kingdom of God.

Are you already involved in ministry that moves your heart? Do you have an interest in certain aspects of ministry and would like to know more? Do you know the call of God on your life or know the Plan of God for you?

Special topics are times of individual or small group study in addition to the Primary topics.

Perhaps something has already come to mind or perhaps you are in a ministry and have a desire to expand that ministry or move into a related ministry.

I cannot say that Chris and I know all about every type of ministry, but we will lend our support. We can suggest authors or sermons that can expand your knowledge. We may have some information or what you choose maybe a similar calling for us.

This is not required. Perhaps you are already busy with your ministry or other commitments in life. Perhaps life is busy now and you would like to take up a special topic later.

Perhaps you are a Wounded Warrior that urgently needs healing. Please let me know that too.

Some of the special topics that come to my mind are:

A calling to Intercession

A heart to Worship

A calling to higher levels of ministering spiritual warfare and deliverance to others

Wound Warrior care giver

Evangelism – knowledge and practice

Discovering God’s Plan for you or finding your spiritual gifts

Preaching or Teaching


Church History

A Pastor/ Shepherd’s heart

Study of healing with laying on of hands


Lead like Jesus

A study of Missions work

What else comes to your mind?

What other special gifting?

Email me and let’s begin a conversation.

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