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Spiritual Warriors update 11/28/21

Hi Spiritual Warriors!

I am so Blessed to have you come aboard this project. I believe it will be an adventure that will change your life and I know it will change mine as we learn from each other and learn more about the Word of God and His promises.

You must understand that this is a God ordained meeting. Let me give some background.

I viewed Spiritual Warriors as people that were unafraid to delve into the spiritual realm. People that know God and also about the enemy and how to defeat him.

But literally a couple of months ago, the Spirit of God started to talk to me about people that are Believers that are obedient, and they are in all types of business, industry, stay at home parents, or vocational church work. He was saying that they need more knowledge, or maybe in a more concentrated or concise form information about His promises and Plan. Some would just like to chat about the principals of faith or have someone to ask deep questions. He called them Spiritual Warriors.

Some people are Wounded Warriors that have been hurt in ways that cannot be imagined, many times by someone that should have protected them or helped them. Some times wounded by leaders in their church. Wounded Warriors have a place in Spiritual Warriors because Jesus came to heal the wounds of people. The Word of God says He sent His Word and healed them. Healing has a place in Spiritual Warriors.

The Spirit of God then talked about teaching the next generations what He has taught me over a few decades. To give you a shoulder to stand on and give stability to your life and daily walk. There are some things that I will teach and many things that others will teach us. I’ll show you a partial list of books and videos soon.

As I covered before, this is about a year long. This is the first cohort, so I only know what the Spirit has revealed to this point. I believe that this year format and a somewhat loose meeting schedule is to have time for life, work, vacation, family, weekends away, and other things that come up with out severely effecting the progress of the year’s study. Starting off, we will meet by Zoom about every other week for 4-6 meetings. This will get us started on building momentum. We will all be on the same page with some instructions and suggestions for study. I envision that all of us living in Southern California will have a few times to meet in person in the year. Maybe more than a few.

Which brings us to a good point, if you know of others that might have interest, please forward my first text to them (shown below). A Pastor used to say, “Don’t say no for someone else.” Also, there will be other cohorts if someone is not available at this time.

These are some of the major goals I see:

· Learn foundations of faith from the Word of God.

· Press into knowing our Triune God better.

· Understand God’s promises and the principals that bring us into positions of wisdom for life, strength for the battle and might for the campaign.

· Learn to be a mature and fearless Believer.

· We will memorize and learn to use scripture (because there is a daily quiz).

· Learn about prayer and hearing His voice.

As said before, I am excited and ready to move forward! It will not be an intense course of studies but could be termed intentional. Most of the study will be on your own time.

If you have not talked and prayed with your spouse, I suggest that you ask for their commitment to allow you this time or invite them to join with you.

I am praying for each of you already. If you have not already, email me so I know your name! if you are interested in a later cohort let me know that too.

Blessings of the Shalom of Jesus,

Pastor Bill

This is the introduction text you can forward to others:

Spiritual Warriors! Heads up. A new cohort is forming of 25 men & women that desire changes to become faithful, fearless, and knowledgeable for these times. You will be like Gideon’s army of 300 that are chosen by God to bring Freedom to others. Commitment is 1 year. $0 cost except materials. More info:

The next BIG thing!

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