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Links to videos posted on You Tube

The topics of the first videos are: God has a Plan. This series is designed to be a Bible study to declare that He has a Plan for each of us then to discover the Plan. This course is from my own study and revelation over about 10 years. There are many pieces of information and some prayer points.  The complete outline is available by request by email.  I pray that this is a life enhancement for you as it was for me.

This is the general link for the You Tube channel. This link will show you all the Public videos in the channel, not the private videos from the classes.

YouTube channel 

The links below are Private links that will only show up by clicking the individual link for each class.

Sec2 Cl1

Sec2 Cl2

Sec 2 Cl3 EH&D

Sec2 Cl4. EH&D

Sec2 Cl5. EH&D

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